Benefits Of Having A Medical Marijuana Card


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15 states have authorized adult medical and recreational use, and when a state legalizes rec, people cease acquiring major cards. Cannabis consumers without a medical card miss out on lower prices, the option to buy more, varied age limits, and legal protection. Medical and recreational marijuana are different. Read on for medical card perks in a recreational state.

1. Cheaper

Having a Texas medical marijuana card and other cities where marijuana has been legalized can save money all year and bring you lower pricing than recreational cards. After more states legalized recreational marijuana, taxes rose. If you often buy cannabis, you’ll spend more without a medical card.

How does medicinal vs. recreational pricing differ? Many states cut or exclude taxes on medical marijuana. Recreational users pay higher excise taxes, while medical products simply have regular taxes. If you often buy medical cannabis, getting a card can save you hundreds of dollars.

2. Higher Possession, Purchase, And Grow Limits

Medical marijuana cardholders get some exclusive perks while recreational customers do not get any extra services. Medical patients can buy more ounces a day, in comparison to recreational users. With a medical card, you can buy more marijuana than a recreational buyer. Medical cardholders have different possession and home cultivation limits than recreational users.

Depending on state legislation, cardholders can possess and grow more marijuana. Recreational cannabis users can possess 1 ounce and medical users 2.5 ounces in some states but this ratio varies from city to city.

In some states, only medicinal patients can grow at home, not recreational users. In some states, recreational producers can have up to six plants (three mature at once), while medical farmers can request more.

3. Reduce Age Limits

Most states limit recreational cannabis to persons over 21. Underage cannabis use is illegal. Younger patients with epilepsy and cancer need medical marijuana. Most medical cannabis programs allow patients under 18 if they meet all conditions.

A caregiver can help youngsters under 18 get a medical marijuana card. As a medication, cannabis should be accessible to everyone.

4. Shop At Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

A medical card lets you shop at dispensaries. Even in states where recreational cannabis is allowed, medical dispensaries are confined to cardholders. Medical users have access to many products, strains, and professionals.

Cannabis extracts abound. It’s hard to track all their uses, potencies, and benefits. Medical marijuana cardholders can get advice from doctors and cannabis coaches on how to treat their conditions.

Recreational retail establishments have professional budtenders, but they may not have the training and knowledge to assist a medical consumer with queries regarding medicinal goods, doses, and utilizing marijuana for specific medical illnesses. Even if your state allows recreational dispensaries, you may favor medicinal.

5. Legal Protections

Some states with medical marijuana legislation protect cardholders. Laws in some cities exempt patients and caregivers who possess or grow marijuana for medical purposes from criminal law.

A medical marijuana card can aid if you’re arrested. When you have a medical card, a registered physician backs the therapeutic benefits of cannabis. Applying for a medical marijuana card in your state can help you with possession, cultivation, and purchase restrictions.

People often wonder if a medical card will get them fired. You and your doctor should decide. Some states safeguard marijuana users’ jobs. For extra peace of mind, consult a lawyer.


It’s excellent that states and countries are legalizing marijuana for medical and recreational use. The benefits of a medical marijuana card greatly exceed recreational cannabis use but if you’re on prescription drugs, it is important to see your doctor before using CBD rather than start consuming it on your own beliefs and knowledge.


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Benefits Of Having A Medical Marijuana Card

15 states have authorized adult medical and recreational use, and when a state legalizes rec, people cease acquiring...