Some Ways To Smoke Cannabis


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The process of smoking cannabis isn’t as straightforward as it once was. Although there has always been a wide variety of methods to smoke Cannabis, they have expanded to include more choices than ever. All of these ways to smoke Cannabis are available to cannabis consumers. What is the best way to smoke cannabis? Let’s look at all the options, including the simpler blunt, glass bongs and the more complicated dab rig setups.

There are several ways to smoke Cannabis


The joints are made with ground cannabis flowers. The joints are usually wrapped in rolls of paper and twisted at one end. The cone-shaped joints are ideal for portable smoking and discreetness if that’s an issue or concern.

Because they are so small, joints are not often shared with their bigger blunt counterparts. The best way to smoke Cannabis alone is by using joints. Expect a moderate, but not excessively high from your average joint.

Biggest Pro: Great for the on-the-go.

Most Glaring Error: Small size/during use.


Bluffs can also contain ground cannabis. They are similar to cigars but made with less. That’s actually what makes blunts different from joints. Joints are wrapped in thin rolling paper, while blunts are wrapped in tobacco leaves.

Blunts are more powerful because of the larger wrap and greater size. They produce a longer-lasting and more intense high. Blunts are often shared because of their cigar appearance and powerful smoking power.

Most Prominent: Social smoking is a positive addition.

Most Egregious Sin: Wrapped in tobacco leaves.

One Hitter

One hitter is short, narrow pipes that allow for only one hit of smoke.

One hitter is one of the most popular ways to smoke Cannabis. It produces a lighter high than other methods. One-hitters might be the best way to smoke Cannabis for beginners and those who have a lower tolerance.

Biggest Pro: Saves money / conserves cannabis.

Largest Con: Small hits with consequent highs.

Glass Pipe

Glass pipes are classic hand-held items that hold the smoke from cannabis toasting. Glass pipers are both stylish and easy to use. You load the bowl into a bowl, light it, and then inhale for small to medium hits.

Glass pipes are slightly bigger than one-hitters but allow for more puffs and more powerful highs. Glass pipes are among the easiest and most accessible reusable smoking methods. They’re also the most convenient for novice users.

Best Pro: Easy to use/great for beginners.

Most Glaring Error: Hotter hits/lack temperature control.


The bubblers are a hybrid of a water bong or a pipe. They offer cooling and filtration, as well as the ability to smoke. Although bubblers use water the same as bongs, they are smaller and come with a built-in bowl instead of a removable one.

Even the simplest water filtration can produce a smoother hit. However, an average hand pipe might be more dry and scratchy. Although smoother hits might produce more smoke and thus a stronger high, this is entirely up to the user. These bubblers can be carried around like glass pipes, but are slightly more sophisticated with their water filter build. This makes them ideal for elevated hand-held smoking.

Most Prominent Pro: Smooth hits.

Most Glaring Con: Uses water.


A water base is also used to create smoother hits. Good old-fashioned bongs are larger than handheld bubblers. Additionally, bongs come with large removable bowls that can easily be lit and inhaled into a smoke cloud until you are satisfied.

This is a good way to start smoking weed, but it can be difficult to master. As you can see, bigger hits will produce stronger highs while smaller hits will have less. As mentioned, bigger hits lead to more intense highs. And you have the power.

The Biggest Pro: Larger and smoother hits.

Biggest Con: Requires users’ finesse for an ideal hit.

Vape Pen

Vape pens use batteries and heat cartridges or tanks to create cannabis vapour. Vape pens can be activated with a push of a button or inhale.

High concentration cannabis oils make this a potent method. Vape pens are the perfect choice for those who want a strong, yet the discreet method of smoking cannabis.

Most Important Pro: Incredibly discrete in size/form/smell

Most Important Con: Operates on a charged battery.


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