These 6 things will change the way you approach vape juice flavors


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You know what it means to be a passionate vaper: you need to alter the flavor of your vape juice. Some people are not inclined to try new things and research a lot. This is most evident when things become too monotonous. Then there’s the question: Where do I begin?

The same goes for vaping. If you get bored of the flavours you like, don’t care about your equipment and buy new equipment. This is a huge NO. Vaping can be made an exciting part your life in many different ways.

There are many award-winning vape juice flavors you can try to change your perception of taste. These are some tips to improve your vaping experience, and discover new vape juice flavours.

Keep your Vape Device Clean

Vaping devices must be cleaned properly to ensure that you enjoy the flavor of your flavor juice. This is crucial when it comes down to vape juice flavor. When your juices are mixed, and you begin to vape the liquid, your tongue will burn.

You will want to get the perfect taste, so clean your device after each use of your vape juice. It doesn’t take long to do a quick rinse.

You may need to add alcohol to cleaning oil-based vape juices.

Set the Right Temperature

You must set a temperature for vape juices. The temperature will greatly impact the flavor and the vape flavor. You will enjoy the full flavor of your vape device if you adjust it properly.

A vape coil’s temperature is important as well. You can determine the flavor of your coil by setting it to heat at the right temperature. Nearly every e-juice you purchase has a temperature at which it can be tasted.

Enjoy Different Flavors

You don’t have to stick with one brand of e-juice to enjoy unique flavors. You can try different flavors. You may experience a strange sensation in your tongue if you continue to use the same flavor of vape. This is known as the “vaper’s tongue”.

You can avoid losing your taste buds when you use your favorite flavor juice. Be open-minded and try new flavors. You might like a different flavor of your favorite eliquid.

Properly Store Your Vape Juice

Vape juices, like any food, must be kept at a certain temperature. It will not function if it is stored in a hot or humid environment.

The same thing can happen if the bottle is not properly sealed. Your e-juice will be destroyed by heat and air. You can avoid this by closing your juice bottles after you have finished using them.

Keep them in a cool, dry area that is at least 10 degrees cooler than your room. You can increase the quality of your juice by keeping it dry. Vapor juices with higher quality can age just like wine.

Buy a High Quality Vape Pen

You should change your device if you have had the same flavor as a friend but it does not taste the same in your vape pen. A good vape pen is essential for a great taste and feel.

It means that each feature that comes with the vape pen must be of equal quality. You want the best flavor possible so atomizers are essential. The better the atomizer, you get the better taste.

You will also need a quality vape coil to enjoy the full flavor experience. You will enjoy the best flavor possible when your vape juice is made with a device that has all of these features.

Good PG-VG Ratio

The right amount of PG or VG in your juice will make a significant difference to the flavor. Propylene glycol (PG) enhances the flavor of e-juice. The puffy clouds that you get from vaping are caused by vegetable glycerin.

A good mix of these ingredients is best for vapor juices. You should have a ratio of equal or half to one. You will enjoy the best taste and huge clouds of vapor.


Everyone has their own taste, and everyone is searching for new flavors to enhance their vaping experience. There is a lot of vape juice on the market, but it is possible to find what you like if you do some research.

These tips can be used to improve your vaping. To enjoy vape flavors at their best, you just need to be more dedicated.


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